Realm First Heroic Garrosh 25M! 40 attempts felt like 400.

So we decided to team up with our fellow 10M delinquents from CCT for a week to see if we could kill big bad garry as easily as we did during our initial 10M adventure and to not much surprise, we prevailed.

What started out as a problematic and foolish relationship (two guilds that would be viewed as black and white if put side by side), ended up being way more cooperative and enjoyable than any of us could have possibly foreseen.

Both teams agreed to go into the week with a positive (ish) attitude and an aura of humbleness (ish) with the mutual goal of killing the boss with the stupid big 25M loot table and to spam both the servers with the outdated, months behind, realm first achievement.

CCT honorably and humbly agreed, mostly in part to us having a few more heads in the roster, to let Check Please be the ones who were able to spam the server. This was an act of kindness and respect that goes unseen, so I wanted to ensure proper a proper recognition and thanks was sent their way.

Just like CCT, we here in Check Please were a 25M guild and due to the very predictable burnout that occured amongst raiders, numbers began to dwindle and players slowly started fading away into unsub mode. Check Please started with a core of around 31 and sadly dropped down to a stable 16 in terms of headcount, throughout the 10M journey. We've been banking on the influx of fresh blood and old friends coming back to the game when mythic got an actual date, and blizzard got their shit together with keeping the population of players, somewhat in the loop.

In the end, we got a bunch of loot throughout the week cuz 25m, and we were able to bolster and nurse a healthy relationship with our comrades in CCT.

I hope this is only the start of the good things to come and I look forward to farming with CCT if they will still have us (even Swoon), for the remainder of the tier.

TL;DR We fucking 40 shot the idiot boss and harshman sucks at Malice and everything else and zem fucking cries about healthstones and Dant didn't even show up cuz he had some dumb family over fkn rookie mistake. inb4 586 ilvl, months behind.




Realm First Heroic Garrosh 10M! 25M Coming up Next!

So last week on our last raid night of the reset, we had a plethora of people who had to post AFK and have had a couple raiders vanish due to summertimesadness wow breaks. We decided to hammer out 10M so we could at least get some sort of raiding in for the week and it went swimmingly.

The only real concerns we had for this week progression wise were re-learning the 10M strat to Siegecrafter and then learning the last 2 fights almost entirely. After some discussion, we decided to #yolo it and try the 25M strat we use each week on 25M for Siegecrafter and it died on the first attempt during the 5th belt. The fight is a joke after the nerfs and the ilvl buffs.

Having only had around 25 pulls on Heroic Paragons 25M and focusing on the Korven phase, we expected to spend some time mastering the fight on 10M. After rocking out the Siegecrafter one-shot, we somewhat dreaded the progression on Paragons. Our first attempt was an exact replica of an early 25M woes. We had a problem with not meeting the Skeer burn without lust on the pull so naturally, we prepared our buns for a night or two of progression. 2nd attempt we made it to the last 2 paragons and then killed it on the next attempt. We were let down and asked ourselves if it was set to heroic. Yet again, ilvl buffs combined with 10M difficulty made this the 2nd joke of the evening.

After a rough two hours of our 2nd night in Siege on 10M, we were face to face with Garrosh and finally thinking that "this is the end" or "our luck has run out boys". We did about an hour of attempts on Garrosh and we ended the hour with Garrosh at 25% in the final phase. We went in tonight and killed it in an hour. 27 Attempts Total.

The 10M Struggle is real.

If you're a DPS and actually managed to get to the bottom of this rambling, apply pls. We need to slay the dragon on 25M to prep for Mythic and WoD!

Paid transfers for good recruits.


We didn't take a real screenshot because it wasn't a real fight.

Realm First Mythic Twin Ogron

Everyone lived and we crushed the enrage timer. 97% Execution rate? We ate our wheaties on the final pull I guess. Andris pls come back.

Realm First Heroic Siegecrafter

102 attempts was the magical number apparently. The struggle was real in terms of our progression on this boss but once we managed to get an attempt in without the belt choking and tanks knowing how and when to taunt the boss/shredder, it fell over. The kill was pretty clean and finally we as a guild get to feel good after a well designed boss. It's been awhile since that rush was felt and I'm glad it happened on a boss that wasn't even at the end!

Great job amigos on the kill and here's to killing the amber dudes up next!

Realm First Heroic Thok!

All it took was getting healing gear on some of our DPS to get the dinosaur to roll over and give us some heroic loot.  Thok died in sub 30 attempts which is great! Now for the tiers boss fight that will let us think back to the days in Vietnam; Siegecrafter ahead!